Aung San Suu Kyi as Citizen Kane

U Gambira went into prison a revered and dissident monk.  When he came out the people who he once knew could barely recognize him.  There are difficult paths for those who have been changed by torture.  They get out and are no longer the person you once knew.  It can be impossible to continue supporting them even though you loved the cause in which they suffered.  It is hard to know even what to attempt to salvage.  Most of the faces of persecution from the past are lost.  Refugees and gypsies may get written about but in a world dominated by pop art even those gypsies among us, the street urchins doomed to unemployment and homelessness are lost in the funhouse.  Working one treadmill, the letter writer is running in place like a gerbil trying not to be subsumed into the mission of suppression that gives a poet risperidone or some other unheard of drug to suppress the sensibility that enrages at the thought of injustice, adding one more drop of blood to the bucket of pariahs.

       There’s something almost redemptive when it is a monk.  Most of the powerhouses in our continent put gang before country.  It is a well known fact that most bad boys hate school.  This brings a riff raff element to both Adolf Hitler and the Beatles who grew up in Liverpool and then presumed to speak for love and conscience.  Since pop art is a form of censorship, as I pointed out in the first paragraph where the reading habits of our society are subsumed into a much larger domain of foolishness, the issue of U Gambira and of course Aung San Suu Kyi cannot be entirely separated from the change in American culture spearheaded by the Beatles and in which their legacy is held to be unquestionable.  To what degree is it a traitor to the fair and the pure to question the British Empire and their favorite soothsayers?  Can one in fact avoid confrontation with the Narcissus of Iron that these rich and famous pedestrians commended themselves to becoming?
       One of the shattering facts of life under Burmese military government is the futility of the intellectual.  The Nobel Prize awarded to Aung San Suu Kyi has managed to save precious few lives from the truncheon.  To be on the front lines of the pleading, helpless pain of an intellectual, especially one who has been mauled and made unrecognizable by torture, no longer supportable, is to understand that the struggle to live buried deep inside every pilgrimage through this world, is in fact the mockery made of us, simply an attempt for the shrieking individual lost in the funhouse, trapped in the multitude, lost to his own siblings to be heard and thus to survive.  To be heard and thus to survive.
       It is so hard to know what to salvage and when the attempt to salvage speaks enough even for itself.  There are many pen strokes made in the rain that never see the typist.  Poems are lost on leaves that have to be put in the fire for warmth.  The note of redemption’s pain is somewhere in the futility.
       When you think of Aung San Suu Kyi today it is impossible not to think of the ancient film Metropolis with its struggling masses and its clamoring for idealism, lost under the bric-a-brac of technology’s overwhelming banner of remorselessness and it is impossible not to think of Citizen Kane, idealism twisted into authoritarianism, because if Aung San Suu Kyi and U Gambira do not authentically reach the Western mind, the powerhouses of the West and change us accordingly, they will fall prey to the powers acting upon the East with intent to bend them to our will, lampoon them by the disorder of recognition, twist them into shape by their Nobel Peace Prize.
       So, I am writing to you as a historian with a new burden as a marked man who was tortured as a child, who to some extent has been tagged a punkhead by those who hear in my whispers of dissension an egoist lashing out.  I was manipulated by the Beatles but more importantly I was tagged schizophrenic by the lesser lights of our important community, the brass, the Commonwealth elected officials and by this method my most important missions are rendered dirty, and attempts to get anyone to read them is like tempting them with the surreal deleriums of Salvador Dali’s diary.  Somewhere between that lost mission of U Gambira and the poet growling in the Chinatown cafes a wheel is turning.

When I write that Aung San Suu Kyi must get through to the Western mind or be taken in and shot down by Western manipulators I am voicing my hope in a struggle and cause that has identified specific players who stand in the way, who would shoot her down, who would manipulate her and for this I have been tagged very ruthlessly as deranged.

In sentencing U Gambira to 63 years in prison one wonders if the Burmese military government isn’t both being wry and light years ahead of informed opposition in knowing that the Cold War was attended by a code war.  Indeed, those who fear the power to tag one delusional are not those who benefit from causing fear, but those who are afraid.  63 years is going to evoke 1963 in a liberal mind and with it the memory of Kennedy’s murder and it is precisely this ability to be holistic that has aided the fascists in their total war right under the noses of people who vote Clinton and Obama while listening to the Beatles.  The study of the Kennedy assassinations require us to see the phenomenon holistically because there is a pattern of hitting liberalism in the head unprovoked.  This puts a different shade on plastic schizophrenia and its goal which is to taunt.  The most important component of the war is arguably not the assassinations themselves but the Destruction of Dignity.  Destroying the dignity of the liberal aristocracy and the masses who identify with freedom of speech and the right to an education makes fascism appear more wholesome by compare.  The women of our society don’t care for the refuse of an era.  Families turn their backs.

Schizophrenia is an injury in this case.  It was caused by severe brutality and aggravated by the tactic of cover up.  Its purpose is to taunt and discredit not just one man but holistically an entire spectrum of people.  Naturally this comment is to be regarded as delusional.  Favor the strong instead.  It is my contention that evidence has been found suggesting the existence of a Texas Schoolbook written in tandem with the murder of JFK by the educators responsible and that this schoolbook shows that I was selectioned and tortured to example as the child of a humanist.  I’m not trying to make this more important than it is, but to show why it is a prism that cannot be avoided in understanding what has happened in the total war by fascism on our planet and that de-victimizing me gratuitously is evasion and sidestepping what transpired.

Our socialites in Our Commonwealth will indeed go out of their way to attend a lecture by Aung San Suu Kyi at University of Washington, or in Olympia whenever she has time and freedom to visit the Pacific Northwest but this does not really speak to their courage in terms of their abilities to perform their jobs nobly, courageously, with equity and knowledgably.  They are locked into a society that in turn is trapped in pathology so that our energy gluttony for example continues while blackouts force the Democrats of Burma to meet by candlelight.  Very specific information emerges from discovery of the Texas Schoolbook and our supposedly enlightened civil staff are so intimidated by the libel allegations of those who pulled the trigger in Dealey Plaza that they refuse to acknowledge the evidence even when it is hurting the living.  They have not weighed the meaning of Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s words, “My obligation to the living outweighs my obligation to the dead.”  They feel no obligation to either the living or the dead.

Historically speaking what we find from evaluating the text of the Texas Schoolbook, which is part plain speech and part the elusive anthropology of hieroglyphs, is that JFK faced a firing squad by men contemptuous of the rules of war pretexting their claim to a right to murder the President in a strange symbiosis of meaning between atomics and abortion.  That they did this was no doing of mine.  It is not something I would have deemed poetic, but they did and it is foolish not to understand them and deranged to call my mission delusional.  That they scorned the atom bomb used on Hiroshima gave them a sense of property and pride as if they were punishing a war criminal when they shot JFK for their teaching lesson.  They arrived at an angle through which to view their act that allowed them to think conceptually about the release of the AIDS virus without conceptualizing it as a breach of the peace and largely because institutions per se do not tolerate the presence of sex within their work hours and parameters the rights of the young to conjugal relations were ruled out as a consideration by organized labor.

During this tragic hoodwinking while both Vaclav Havel of the Velvet Revolution and Aung San Suu Kyi of the Saffron Revolution were enjoying publication of their books inspired by their Nobel prizes the Beatles were personally attempting to cover up what had happened to me and continue to intimately violate my channels of communication and this is no imaginary claim, my mother who is estranged from me, Nancy Moore, due to my insistence on reporting torture and trying to live honestly with the consequences, told Sound Mental Health that Peter Gabriel used me on a song called That Voice Again many years ago.  That’s not all he did, he set me up with a woman named Rosa who was more beautiful than the girls who appear in Playboy.  You would think that I would have immediately seen this as an attempt to alienate me from the intellectual community by deceiving me through appeal through the realm of the senses, but who am I to look down on someone with whom I fell in love simply because she was beautiful?  It reminds me of the story of Marilyn Muenster the looker in a family of trolls who is discarded as funny in her appearance.  Yet this self-destructive ploy was relevant because it was coming from supporters of Aung San Suu Kyi who were in turn making a gesture of alibi to cover up discovery of the Schoolbook and minimize the damage it would do to the powers of the assassins.

No doubt you are squirming with the realization that I am angling at an impeachment of Obama.

Peter Gabriel hails from the same Corporation that Obama gets money from founded by David Geffen.  The financial disparity between them and I is huge as well as the ability to hear or command attention, but that would not be relevant to me if these men were not criminal and angling at me with intent to do deranged cruelty and cover it up by saying my mind is playing tricks when they are expert at playing tricks on the mind.  I’m not professing that I can be salvaged any more than JFK can be brought back from his sad resting place in Dealey Plaza and The Eternal Flame.  What I am trying to do and think I can be helpful doing is showing why it is necessary for me to go on with my work despite the overwhelming opprobrium and contempt for my writing that is visited upon me by psychiatric authorities well aware that I have been changed.   It is in point of fact too much to expect students for example or peers in Seattle to comprehend the way that the mind is changed by torture.  My allegation would be that those who are professional and do understand want me mocked not because they don’t understand but because they know the young do not understand and would enjoy most making sure that the young cannot reflect on what this says about the professional class rather than what it says about me whose injuries have been a cause of no remorse by people who you would think might care.

In the end the plight of Asians both in America and in places like Burma are sadly compounded by envy of the West.  In Vietnam for example the Vichy French who when allied with Hitler made demarcations between the have and have nots which were so extreme that it led to concentration camps, went on to bring America into a war with the Vietnamese supporting a government that had taken up with fashion stylists from Paris.  This method of recruiting by fashion to create fascism and envy among the poor that leads to mistreatment of the intellectual class is typical of London and the Beatles.  In this respect although they drew a wedge between us that seems unlikely to ever come loose, my plight was similar to that of U Gambira.

Airspace as War Zone

The Dalai Lama should stick to the tears of broken rubbers and stop trying to turn Nancy Reagan’s Two Virgins Viking pussyball war into an affair of the heart. Finding a way through language, endurance and politics to undercut what the mercenaries of applause machine rock ‘n roll have done is beyond underdog labors. The aggressor lobby, led by Baraq Obama justify endless litanies of slander and abuse using a persona about their hate object created by Duquense University when I was growing up and who can be understood, institutionally, as the author of the Burstyn papyrus showing AIDS manmade and raising questions about Lennon’s disappearance. Seattle musters an All-Pro interrogation that amounts to nothing but fraud told on Jimmy Crary. Seattle itself is one big suicide troop trying to take us all with it. Very dangerous situation. Obama seeks to keep it under control with applause machine rockers. Gary Pitman’s rage over escape is the language that Seattle and Duquense speak, for just as he bellowed when gassing me that I had to because I hadn’t bled from the mouth yet, Dr. Tracy Tran maliciously blew up my stomach with a new drug known to cause gastrointestinal problems. This terrible abuse of a witness and victim of torture is the pattern of Obama’s government as a lackey of George Bush.

One of the objectives of Sound Mental Health and the City of Seattle is to try and find a way to take away the only right of self-defense that I have ~ my freedom of speech. Nothing has yet persuaded Aaron Dixon’s faction to stop abusing me. They’re battling for domination of an issue that Hollywood potboilered and for them it is a do or die situation because the truth shows Obama’s role in the AIDS Onslaught, yet just as they predicted the public has come to regard what sells as what is real, so they are holding out for a contract from Oliver Stone and Warner Brothers that overlooks the facts in favor of the fantasy. They are selling a theory constructed against the facts.

Duquense knew what they were doing when it came to ingestion of secret agents. Having Ichiro Suzuki around was like having the lucky Irishman on the team, only this was the lucky Irishman spending his money on murder. Sending a canary into the mines saying otherwise you deserve it on a dare is a deep argument to aim at a child’s mind. There are things that are well beyond a child, and Duquense lacks remorse in the matter only because I am the child of a humanist.

Even though I managed to get my mind around the way that Mark Nordenberg was scientifically trying to prove that justice is a lie, this happened in college and the detailed vagaries of the Texas Schoolbook as words from the wise men of Hitler were not yet at all neatly in focus. Three weeks is a long time, so is forty years. That sentence took an eternity to write. Bush’s vendetta from World War Two, which came out in the game called World War Three that finished up with a reverse Pearl Harbor on 911 after they’d won and installed Obama, was aimed at a damaged child’s mind. Even though it was my father who had incited this, I suppose, with his high talk on human rights in the Navy, I am not eligible for a Judge Advocate General, instead I only got this bonfire of Judge Lynch they call a Taliban.

For dirty tricks the whole scoundrel law of it all was manifestly and pretty evidently beyond little Jimmy, laboring under the bad tutelage of the 60’s as it was.

I mean today
I mean today
Without much said
Of what I mean today.

When Walker Percy wrote to me, “Beware the delectations of despair,” it is clear now that the perverts at HARPERS had in mind torture with the nasal and atonal accent of King Crimson’s nuisance fascist Royal punks in tow. What I fear we see in the rivalry over libations of godhead between Nation of Islam and the Bowies from the windfall of World War Three and the AIDS Combine triumphant harks back to Marlon Brando’s refusal to take an Academy Award over what he said, in the now standard traditional rhetorical device of Hitler resurgent was failure to treat Native Americans properly. I see this in the way that Sherman Alexie and Chief Seattle counsel manage their failure to warn and properly apprehend the truly guilty. They clearly delectate over the despair of their victim. There is no question that the Green Party AIDS Taliban in Seattle spent a hour of rap session going over what they deemed the poetry of leaving me Vitamin D deficient with a tendency towards long and frightening poofs of gas. Like Eno praising the driver at Kelly School none of them can get enough of it and the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office isn’t going to listen until it can be said they wouldn’t listen until it was too late, for me or Shannon Harps. They will not be moved.

The AIDS Combine was viewed by Brando’s faction as fighting the good fight with no apologies necessary to the flowers trampled underfoot. The AIDS Combine created a digital spectrum covered by the story that Neanderthal white people were practicing genetic racism. They gave themselves away by the partnership of Alpana and Obama, critical forces in the testing case found at the heart of two virgins pussyball which was covered up as a Semester-at-Sex scared straight program by Pitt Panthers even though it was grossly illegal and premeditated. Nothing has ever stopped them before and Seattle is too violently in favor of the cover up to amount to much more than an applause machine market base.

You can say that if Reagan didn’t know then Ming Na Wen used clever trickery to pass off those who shot him as themselves protective of him he, but until someone deciphers why Reagan sided with those who he claims shot him you will never stop Nancy Reagan’s incitement of Rosa Clemente and Michelle Obama in sacrificial homocide. Baraq Obama has sent so many people to their deaths pursuing Bush’s policies overseas that he decided he can fudge the laws governing who he is entitled to pick on that way.
African American peopole often remind me of what Ayn Rand has to say in favor of people who had the courage to have shape. There’s something so great about the klan accepting Black eople and working together in police operations that you forget the principle of this multicultural alliance is unrepentant, though terribly reconstructed, fascism. The United Nations, because of their stand behind Midori Goto, is virtually the ARK OF COLORS who started AIDS and this turkey is not good news, at least not to those of us who saw music as redemptive rather than as the enemy incarnate.
It seems to me that Don Wakamatsu must have had some sense of what Reagan had weaseled out of taking responsibility for when he cold-shouldered Japan Day as his signal for resignation. I’ve said a lot about the Great English Backstab. It’s essence is that 911 was designed to be cheered as protest even though it was a cover operation for those who released AIDS. The question was recast as, “Who is righteous?” Everyone knows that Baraq Obama has a heap of righteousness over old queerball.

To understand this you have to comprehend the huge credibility gap operating in a vacuum the time span which I still did not understand the Burstyn letters pertained to John Lennon. Obama was construing the attack on JFK as exclusively an attack on black people and has even ended up looking like Pres. John Wilkes Booth through the ludicrous explanation Rev. Wright gave for AIDS which was simply a smokescreen to prevent awareness of specific black confederates because of the she’s-going-to-sleep-with-me-in-tribute whether she likes it or not-ness of Cornell West’s agenda and the very surly questions pertaining to the way this set up was actually a partnership designed to make me protest it and thus raise insidious questions about the white man’s fear of genetic annihilation and so on. Their spin doctoring not only made Blacks the target but excluded from research and study their role in plotting and Obama sought to profit thereby.

Rosa, my royal princess, was in a position to bring victory to me as a loyal subject of King Crimson now known to have been wounded in the head by malfactors from Duquense, if it wasn’t for that Rosa was set on an errand of deceit by the rabid for Nancy Reagan to invade my bedroom and kick me in the head. She is guilty of selling the turnaround that accords victory to those who won World War Three in a revenge opera and farce.

False Cinema

The echo of the Cineaste Film interview (vol. xxxviii, no. 1) with Desplechin shows the elitist direction of their hate crimes.  He rants about nothing being worse than the battered child then hums of an over-riding moral concern that causes you to choose the side of the batterer.  Thus we see the trick of entrapment engineered by the moral tripartite of Gutendorf, DD and Shiono with the gesticulating English  quisling leering that queerbait had sex.  The moral ramifications and loss of a sincere American mind, a child, mean nothing to the scintillating English in French posseur incinerating a generation and then covering his filthy tracks by Obamanegger’s warped endorse for HitlerReagan.

I make crocodile noises from the D detonator that obliterated my belly, gasp from the neuroplastic tampering of felons who marked me for so much cruelty their AIDS franchise laughed, “at least I’m not him.”  Sometimes I’m afraid to swallow in public now.

I never wronged Leslie Katz, their pretext belli.  Amnesty International never should have generated an obscenity this vicious.  Their point is that sex and death tripping is gangster, it’s macho, so an English sort of evolves out of its lisp, by saying quite, yes, yes, yes, I see, I see the point, so glad I don’t have to fight you.

Hitler!  Hitler!  It worked!  You were the misunderstood!

It is well known but seldom noted by anyone  (other than shop detectives for U.S. World and News Report) that Cineaste Film Quarterly once published a letter of mine, brave man.  The obsession of Peter Gabriel and Amanda Harcourt, his former partner in crime, with justifying Gail Burstyn is such a pet peeve with Cineaste that it infects their writers during dissertations on topics like Truffaut.  Obliterating the rights of man to rape the inner sanctity of a pedestrian was always a Yoko Ono fetish and the set up strongly suggests her prior hypnography in team with George Romero and Andy Warhol (who should have been suspected in the murder of Lennon the minute Pittsburgh entered into it) paving the ground for the filming of the rape of deaf Jeannie, one of Sotheby’s most decadent holding, anointed by Lewis Lapham as a Larry Flynt masterpiece in a darkened parlor swept for listening devices.

No matter what you’ve been brainwashed to think, these persons committed a holocaustal hate crime animalistically and unprovoked.

The Slitherers of the Incinerator

“I knew it was bad but I didn’t know it was that bad,” Yoko Ono, Fluxus pioneer, witness tamperer.

Because I was a victim of brutal pedophiles I was clay in the hands of Federal blackmailers.  There’s no question that I was used for a critical player in the AIDS Onslaught, but there is discrepancy over whether this would have been the case if my promising leads had been followed and properly developed.  If the issues raised had been met maturely in a timely way much would be different, the AIDS Combine would have been caught and our society given prompt warning as to the danger among them, instead Bowie helped Reagan run the most vicious and nightmarish lampoon on American Justice that corporate drug money could buy.  It was set up using child brainwashing and psychological prediction to provoke a scavenger spree as a cover-up storm.  Behind this dark lampoon were fierce and thoughtful minds intent on Hitler’s revenge.

With Supreme Court contact enforcing a Taliban where victims of plague are permitted to perform the role of Judge Lynch, the devious and tragic lampoon on American Justice is impacted into our history by Bowie and Reagan who made a scurrilous tape of me that they put to libelous intents.  Refusing to show up in court, Seattle Queers, engaging in slasher homocide, have made crank declarations of fairness, intending only to liberate the truly guilty and empower their methods.

Much of the mindset has been disentangled from the perilous days when Penis Gabriel sent in Skrewdriver to crash Pitt News during our divestment campaign.  Working with David Douglas on fanatic pussyball he declared behind their backs, “If you try to help black people they will only turn on you,” and straightforth to prove it using bribes and gangland fists.  Those of us who believed Penis Gabriel’s propaganda were sadly deluded as good Germans had once been before by Britain.  Writing of Gabriel’s familiars in his own time Thomas Mann penned, “surely we were culpable having believed all their pulings about the brothers when it was never a question of the brothers but of the Skoda works, Czech oil and Hungarian grain.”  Penis Gabriel betrayed an entire generation of Pittsburgh Black people, his deviousness nearly cost the lives of children at Kelly Elementary during an incident he provoked and covered for, the poet Christian Robinson died and countless people were railroaded by a doublecrossing establishment who evidence Gabriel knew about, hid and tried to destroy proved were practicing institutional racism and he cut a deal, lookee see, called Obama for the Geffen Corporation who wrote the alibi for a crime proving AIDS manmade and went to war declaring it a prank.

Nothing on human earth is lower than an English.

The foreign rabid denounced my reading habits while unable to make sense of evidence before its eye fully explained by magnification.  It leered that our innocent people were being coached to get over a hurdle.  Well, let me see, JFK they just shot, that’s a hurdle, let’s get over that hurdle together and hold hands with his killers singing We Shall Overcome, myuh.  Walker Percy slyly warned me, “Beware the delectations of despair,” and he laughed because he knew what Penis Gabriel was going to do, he was going to fulminate cannibal instincts among the HIV positive and help them get over the hurdle, myuh.  The UK/KK to the rescue of the Japanese Symbol of Pussyball Midori Goto, raping deaf Jeannie, ha lala lala while my mother, the murderer, coo’d that her winsome deaf son was being appointed to die by Queen Elizabeth, and they left out a book on Maximile Kolbe all planned in advance, a fact on which the Queers whizzied as insignificant, with no concern for anyone even themselves.

It is a very famous sentiment at Claymont that Moonunit Zappa wants to burn the book and incinerate the poet.  The truth is too revealing for a cowardly Zappa.